How to Contact Instagram Support Team?


Resolving the Instagram problem is not tricky only difficult part is to understand the method. It is important to understand all the important options of Instagram support contact.

With 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the leading social media and business promoting platform. Almost all of us are using Instagram accounts for entertainment, promoting businesses, and selling products. Do you have an Instagram account? Have you ever face any problem with your Instagram mail id?

This post covers the best methods of contacting IG support email.

Instagram Support Request Options

With robust technology, the Instagram support request will answer almost all of your questions. Contact Instagram team will make it easy for you to report the content and solve your problems.

Here are 3 easy methods of using Instagram help center

  1. Contact Instagram email
  2. Instagram contact number
  3. Contact Instagram through App

Get Instagram Help through Website

The Instagram contact email is the fastest method to report an issue on your Instagram mail id. Instagram customer service email will help you to contact the support team of Instagram swiftly and get your queries to be answered in the fastest method. Do you know how to contact Instagram support email? The strategy is really simple; you only have to enter this in your navigation bar. This Instagram contact email works like a bridge between you and the support team.

Help Through Instagram Contact Number

For the sake of users, Instagram support contact comes up with a direct Instagram contact number. This method will allow customers to directly have communication with team members of support@ig. (650)543-4800 is the Instagram contact number that will allow you to get a human response about your queries.

IG Contact through App

Almost all the people around the world have installed Instagram on their mobiles. Have you ever registered your complaint through the Instagram contact app? Do you know how to contact Instagram support through the app? If no then you have to learn these easy steps that will help you to contact the IG support team.

Step #1

Open your Instagram app and find an icon in the bottom right corner.

Instagram app and find an icon in the bottom right corner

Step #2

Open the three parallel bars located on the top-right corner.

three parallel bars located on the top-right corner


A drop-down menu will appear, find a setting option from the list.

find a setting option


A screen will pop up. Tap on Instagram help option.

Instagram help option


Tap on Instagram Help Center option. Here you can easily browse according to your related problem or topic.

Report a Problem on Instagram Support

How to Report a Problem on Instagram Support?

There is lots of stuff posted on Instagram. Some people find that stuff useful while for some people it is useless. If you ever cross a post that looks inappropriate or break rules then you can report it on Instagram contact support. There are 2 options available to report your problems on Instagram.

First Method

It is the easiest way to report any spam or stuff to Instagram support. For this purpose

  • Tap on the three parallel dots
  • Tap on report
  • Select your reason or topic for reporting any post and you are done.

Second Method

One can also Report their problem through the Instagram Help Center. For an active and fast response from Instagram help center, you should come up with a legitimate reason to report any post on Instagram help center. For this purpose, you have to follow some easy steps such as

  • Open your Instagram mail id (whether on the mobile app or a website)
  • Tap on the three parallel dots located top-right corner
  • Scroll down to the end of the drop-down menu and click Instagram support
  • Tap or click on the Privacy and Safety Center (on PC you will find this option on the left side of the screen)
  • Tap on “Report” option
  • A drop-down menu of different Instagram issues will appear. Tap on the issue you are facing
  • Find a button or option of “Report” and report your problem to Instagram support contact

(Note: Keep in mind that every issue on Instagram comes up with a different fill-in method.)


Q: How long does Instagram will take to answer your questions?

A: Instagram contact will almost take 1 week to resolve your issues.

Q: Why Instagram is not answering your question or issues fast?

A: Instagram contact support received thousands of Support tickets daily. There is another reason that Instagram does not give much priority to beginners.

Q: What is Instagram email to report problems?

A: You can report your problems and get answers to your queries from this Instagram contact email.

Q: How to Block someone’s contact on Instagram?

A: For blocking someone on your Instagram, open their account page. Tap on the 3 vertical dots on top-right corner and tap on Block option.

Q: How to Reset Instagram’s Password?

A: You can easily reset your Instagram mail id through your registered phone number or your email address.

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